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  • “The casting is superb, the attention to detail stunning” —THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

  • “Robert Rabiah ranks among the best actors” – MOVIES AUSTRALIA

  • "It is Robert Rabiah who steals the show” – MIFF REVIEW

  • “Robert Rabiah brings the character to life with resounding believability” – CINEPHILIA

  • "Robert Rabiah gives a totally convincing performance- “the man’s man character” – SYDNEY ARTS GUIDE

  • “Rabiah is sensational as Hakim, a hard-talking realist!” –THE AGE

  • “Robert Rabiah is in screen-grabbing form” – SCREEN-WIZE

  • “Robert Rabiah is alternately funny and moving as Hakim” - FILMINK

  • "Robert Rabiah is powerful as Hakim, an underestimated worker’ – SCREEN DAILY

  • "Really impressive were Mathew Newtown, Robert Rabiah and Luke Ford’ – AT THE MOVIES

  • “Rabiah turns out to be one of the more sympathetic characters” – EUREKA STREET

  • “One of the best films that Australia has ever made” – BUZZ MAGAZINE

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